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Version History, 2004-01-28
Yeah, yeah, I know. You just downloaded .25 yesterday. But you're still going to want to upgrade. I promise. Why? Gzip support. Not only will this speed things up and be more bandwidth-friendly, but there are some trackers that won't tell you anything unless you are running gzip. (*cough*AnimeTorrents*cough*) I also fixed a bug where some non-standard torrents were crashing TSpy (invalid "creation date" data)., 2004-01-27
It was 6 months before I discovered the bug with the dropdowns on the create tab. I guess no one else noticed either? At any rate, it's fixed. Hurray., 2003-06-24
Fixed the bugs that were outstanding in .23, including:
  • Crash when finished creating and dragging a new file
  • Dragging a directory didn't work (but the menu option did)
New stuff:
  • Added UI widgets to the General tab and resized the main window
  • Added a "Size" UI widget to the Create tab
  • Moved the registry button from Create to System
  • The trees on the Data tab now sort dictionary keys
  • A successful create now loads the created .torrent file, 2003-06-19
NOTE: This version should be considered BETA quality.
Tons of new stuff, including:
  • All the features of BTeasy (torrent file creation) have been absorbed and put under a new "Create" tab. Drag-n-drop was adjusted accordingly.
  • The file size bug crept in again, this time limiting you to torrents under 4GB. While it should now work for more than 4GB more testing definitely needs to be done. (Delphi doesn't like 64-bit file sizes, and it wouldn't surprise me if there's more broken than I initially found.)
  • His Higness Bram came down from On High and decreed how /scrape should really work, so we now obey that set of rules. A new set of error messages has been added accordingly.
  • File checking now saves a cache file to speed up future checks. As of now there's no way to disable this feature.
  • Minor UI tweaks to the decoded trees., 2003-06-06
In what should have been an obvious feature from the start, the program is now much more bandwidth-friendly to trackers. It now adds an "info_hash=..." parameter to the query string, so that the tracker is aware of which file it is looking for. This means that the tracker can return only the subset of the scrape data that is absolutely necessary, thereby reducing bandwidth., 2003-05-01
Thanks to a spiff Delphi component by Mike Lischke, we now have XP themes support., 2003-04-29
kRYPT provided a patch to fix parsing of negative integers, so now scrapes of should work properly., 2003-04-08
No bug fixes in this version, just new features!
  • Double-click the Log grid to save the log messages to a file.
  • Registry de-integration (uninstall) buttons have been added. They magically replace the corresponding buttons on the System screen. The "make it a default" button (obviously) depends on the "add the context menu" option (as you can't have a default for an option that doesn't exist), as do the removal versions, so don't freak out when clicking one changes both. Just think about it for a sec.
  • A new Info log message has been added to tell you exactly what the commandline arguments were when the program was launched. This should help prove that the vast majority of "bugs" are actually problems with Internet Explorer., 2003-04-03
The "end of file" bug rears its ugly head again, this time for torrents bigger than 2GB. Hopefully this bug has now been finally squashed, and TorrentSpy should be okay for files >2GB (up to 9.2 exabytes in theory, at least)., 2003-03-27
Fixed the "End of file before expected" bug. Basic addition and subtraction are your friends., 2003-03-26
Completely recoded the file checking algorithm so that it is smarter and faster and can be run over and over. File checking should be slightly faster now, and you should be able to repeatedly re-check until the torrent is at 100%. (Don't worry, it'll only re-check the bad parts for as long as you don't close TorrentSpy or open a different torrent.), 2003-03-23
Ton of bug fixes, including the problematic spaces in filenames fix. But, even better, you now have a button to check the completeness of your download. It will tell you, file by file, in excruciating detail, how much you have left to download. You can then launch completed files by double-clicking them. Also, there is now an option to turn off auto-checking., 2003-03-20
Now correctly handles SOME php trackers as well as trackers with 'announce' in the hostname (this should fix the DeHackEd and Anime torrents). Window is now resizable for all you size queens. Several undocumented bugs relating to binary data and the scrape feature were fixed (improves "rotten" accuracy). You should now be able to close the program even if the downloader is running., 2003-03-19
Totally rewritten codebase (now Delphi6). The exe is now 400KB (instead of 2.5MB) and takes up at mose 4MB of RAM (instead of 20MB). Major speed improvements. Much better shell/registry integration. More diverse Tracker support. Drag-n-Drop support. Much better Launcher support. Much better web browser support. Tons of new features including: running logs so you can see what is happening at all times, raw torrent data viewer, auto-update. And, of course, a much prettier interface.
0.1 BETA, 2003-03-16
First version, written in Perl5 with the ActiveState PDK.